School Reunion 15 October 2011

There will be a LMS reunion held in The Piper on the Square (George Square, Glasgow) on Saturday 15 October 2011. The venue has been confirmed and the deposit (refundable) has been paid.

The aim is to create an event that will not incur any cost to anyone and thus boost our chances of maximum attendance, so all you have to do is get yourself there.

The Piper is a classy enough venue and in a central location for Queen Street train station. There will be security and you won’t find any rolling drunks in this venue on a Saturday night. LMS guests will have a private cordoned off area as well as a section set aside at the bar so that we don’t have to queue at the bar with everyone else. There will also be a seperate toilet in our area but all can be used if the urge gets desperate.

There will be a buffet. Let us know if you plan to come along so that we can order the right amount of food!!!

The Disco comes with the venue and the DJ is a good sort and will have just about anything you want played.

If you are in touch with ex LMS pupils who are not in the FB group ( then please ask them to attend as will be great to see anyone with links to LMS.

The reason for the October date was that it was thought that everyone would have summer and family holidays out of the way and mid month was deemed neutral as if you get paid at the end of the month you should be okay and if you get paid mid month well…… you’re on the first round.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Here’s hoping for an outstanding attendance and I know I am already looking forward to it so, it would be great to get feedback on numbers as soon as possible.

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2 Responses to School Reunion 15 October 2011

  1. esther laing says:

    I was here from April 1984 – December 1984 and even though it was a short time, I never forgot what it was like there. My time there and other places helped me to be the mum I am to my son and daughter. I would like some more info on the reunion, as I would have to travel from the south of England.
    Yours faithfully,
    Ms Esther Kellett.

    • robert mcintyre says:

      hello esther how are you? its robert here i was there at the same time as you and we spent a lot of time together it would be fantastic to say hello again hope you get this
      take care

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