Alan Dalrymple, a.k.a. Dally, was at Lendrick between 1979 and 1980.

Peanut describes - "Short, thick blonde hair almost Tweeky the robot's helmet shaped head by design. Nuisance - pot calling kettle black. Possibly expelled in the raid on the Wine cellar around 1980".

He was placed in Dorm 19 which is the first dorm on middle floor (next to Frank Z's room).

He had heavy blonde hair, blue eyes and was of a slim build.

He made good friends with John Brown and Emmet Havelin when he first arrived.

He was expelled around the same time as Jimmy Havelin.

Alan is wearing the hat. ?

Alan Dalrymple + 3. Can you name them?


Adrienne Postlethwaite and others

photo of Alan Goodall, Alan Dalrymple, Adrienne, Philip Stanford

Alan Goodall, Dally, Andrew McLoughlin - face is hidden behind Dally's, Adrienne Postlethwaite, and Philip Stanford.

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