Alistair Dykes, a.k.a. Dixie, was at Lendrick between 1975 and 1978.

Alistair loved climbing, went out with Maggie McNamarra.

Andy Mckie wrote (30/03/2001):

"Alastair Dykes (Dixie), from Bearsden in Glasgow.  Another really sound bloke. A Partick Thistle supporter, that says it all. A really experienced mountaineer, a talented sportsman and a good scholar. As decent and selfless a person as as I ever met. I thank him for helping to save my life when I suffered from exposure and exhaustion in the Cairngorms. Bisto stayed with me in the emergency tent to keep me warm while Alastair Dykes (Dixie) went for help. If I had been with less competent guys I might not have made it. Thanks guys."

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