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, a.k.a. Ally, was at Lendrick in 1974.

He came from Perth.

Ally wrote:

"Hi to anybody that remembers me,

Great to see a site about the old school, I will just give a brief history of my life since I left.

My working life began in a bacon factory for about a year, then I joined the railway in 1977 and I am still there working for Jarvis (the firm everybody hates) which takes me all over the country. If any wants to let me know where they stay we could meet if I'm in your area.

I got married to Shirlee in 1982 and we have 5 kids: Gary (20), Tammy (18), Margaret (16), Kathryn (13), & Kristopher (11). Gary's girlfriend is preggy so I am going to be a grandad.

When I was at LMS the love of my life was Kathy (Leak) Milligan sorry to hear what happened to her on Robert Ronald's page. The boy who got me into most trouble was Malcolm (Bisto) Boatman who had a loud voice when we were trying to have a fly fag his voice gave us away.

Does anyone remember the midnight trips to see the girls at Craigard?

Well I will close now hope to hear from some of you soon,


Class 2A - 1974

Photo of class 2A

Back row: Steven Bruce, Malcolm Boatman, Keith Murray, Ali Fleuchar, and Ewan Boyd.

Front row: Colin Webster, Jackie Main, Helen Smith, and Graeme Ritchie.

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