, a.k.a. Smithy, was at Lendrick from 1972 until 1976.

Andy Mckie wrote (30/03/2001):

"A Halloween Story.

When I first joined Lendrick (6 weeks before the summer holidays 1974) there wasn't a lot of bullying going on compared with the stories I had heard of previous years.  The main culprit for any bullying of juniors was Alastair Smith (back row 2nd from right in old school photo). He was a big guy, pompous and sneaky, always keeping in with the staff. Four of us eventually decided to do something about him.  There was Brian Allison (2nd row from the back, 4th from the left), Gerry McGinty (same row, 4th from right) Eric (Spike) Hamilton (same row, 3rd from right) and me (same row, 2nd from right).

It was Halloween and as usual there was a fancy dress party down at the stables at the bottom of the drive.  At least two of us went to the party in drag (we borrowed clothes from the matrons) myself included.  After the party we hid in the woods (still in costume) and waited for Alastair Smith to come by, then we pounced and beat him up. It must have looked really funny to anyone watching.  To the best of my knowledge Smithy never bullied anyone after that."


Hi All,
Living in Dumfriesshire, working in London as an IT Service Delivery Manager for a Cancer Charity.
Married Fiona Cannon, who also went to LMS for a short time, been married for 21 years and have two kids, though not kids any more. Jay almost 21 and Tammi 18 and at university! Living life to the full.
02/06/2002 11:54:03

Class 2B - 1974

Photo of class 2B

Back row: John Robertson, Alistair Smith, Mick Farish, and Andrew Mckie.

Front row: ???, Maggie McNamara, Anne McGarrachan, and Jackie Brunton.

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