, a.k.a. Radar, was at Lendrick from 1974 to 1977.

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Andy wrote (30/03/2001):

"These people were all at Lendrick in the period between summer 1974 and summer 1977.

Roderick Nicol was tall, thin with red hair and a strong Dundee accent. He was a bit of a character and easy to get along with.  A good natured person and a bit of a joker.

Malcolm Boatman (Bisto) from Armadale in west Lothian.  Older brother of Kevin Boatman. A really sound bloke with a great sense of humour, a real character. He was really quite clever so I could never work out the nickname. He was my classmate through 3rd and 4th year and a good friend. 
Bisto was into Geology in a big way, he taught me how to spot Agate rocks in the Ochils.  He was also a keen Hillwalker. I thank him for helping to save my life when I suffered from exposure and exhaustion in the Cairngorms.  Bisto stayed with me in the emergency tent to keep me warm while Alastair Dykes (Dixie) went for help.  If I had been with less competent guys I might not have made it. Thanks guys.

Alastair Dykes (Dixie), from Bearsden in Glasgow. Another really sound bloke.  A Partick Thistle supporter, that says it all. (see Malcolm Boatman above) A really experienced mountaineer, a talented sportsman and a good scholar. As decent and selfless a person as as I ever met.

Brian Allison was from Oakley in Fife. A very talented all round sportsman and a good scholar.  Bunked off with me when we were juniors once, there were four of us, I think Colin Smith was one of the others. We went cross country along the banks of the river Devon to avoid the roads. The Police eventually caught us near the Kincardine Bridge at about three in the morning. The Beak (D.T.) was really quite decent to us when were taken back to the school, I think he gave us Cocoa.
We stayed friends throughout our stay at Lendrick. A really decent guy. Brian had a long running love affair with Carole Cullinane (my ex).

A Halloween Story.

When I first joined Lendrick (6 weeks before the summer holidays 1974) there wasn't a lot of bullying going on compared with the stories I had heard of previous years.  The main culprit for any bullying of juniors was Alastair Smith (back row 2nd from right in old school photo). He was a big guy, pompous and sneaky, always keeping in with the staff. Four of us eventually decided to do something about him.  There was Brian Allison (2nd row from the back, 4th from the left), Gerry McGinty (same row, 4th from right) Eric (Spike) Hamilton (same row, 3rd from right) and me (same row, 2nd from right).

It was Halloween and as usual there was a fancy dress party down at the stables at the bottom of the drive.  At least two of us went to the party in drag (we borrowed clothes from the matrons) myself included.  After the party we hid in the woods (still in costume) and waited for Alastair Smith to come by, then we pounced and beat him up. It must have looked really funny to anyone watching.  To the best of my knowledge Smithy never bullied anyone after that."

Andy wrote:-

"Hello again. Sorry for not keeping in touch, its just the way I am. I'm glad to see the page is still up and I promise that I will try to contribute something in the next few days.

Just to refresh, I am Andy Mckie, I was at Lendrick from 1974 to 1977. My closest friends were Gerry McGinty, Chris (Huggy Bear) Perkins, David Morriceon, Brian Allison, Jackie Main, Jackie Brunton, Carol Cullinane, Dina Dow, Nancy Kincaid, Allison Coleman, Stanley Mcglauglin (I don't think that's right), Graham Patrick, Phillip Haddick, Alastair Lees, Kevin Boatman, Malcolm Boatman, Colin Smith, Martin (Weasel) MeekSteven Bruce, James Malone, Shaun Martin, John Love, Roderick Nicol and a lot more probably, I was there for three years after all. I will take some time to study the school photograph and refresh my memory.

I've not done much with my life yet, I'm sure fate has some reason for keeping me alive for so long, I will just have to wait and see.

I have been learning web page design skills, there seems to be a future in that so hopefully I will stick at it I only have one page up that is totally my own work, though I've been involved with other peoples pages for a couple of years now.

I remember Billy Juliff, I'm surprised he doesn't remember me, we used to go UFO spotting.  He was one of the good guys at the school, he had a great sense of humour and was very easy to get along with.

The Colin Smith thing was true, I shared Dorm 21 with him for a while and witnessed the dirty deed. We used to wargame sometimes. There were only a few of us into that, Colin, myself, Stanley and Colin's friend who's name I can't remember.

I am surprised nobody remembers Stanley (the man) Mcglaughlin (I'm not sure about the spelling) He was a black kid from Dunfermline. A couple of guys (mainly Andy Brash) tried to bully him when he first arrived, which is how we became friends.

We used to go hill walking at the weekends, usually with Crispin Heath (the best Teacher anyone could hope for).

Does no-one remember Jackie Brunton, Gerry Mcginty (Eric Hamilton's best pal), Sheldon Waters, Roderick Nicol, Eric Izatt, Graham Patrick, Steven Hayes?"

Class 2B - 1974

Photo of class 2B

Back row: John Robertson, Alistair Smith, Mick Farish, and Andrew Mckie.

Front row: ???, Maggie McNamara, Anne McGarrachan, and Jackie Brunton.

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