was at Lendrick between 1982 and 1983.

Andy wrote (2003-10-07):

"Anyway, I was around during March '82 to March '83 usually listening to Ruaridh & Ned playing guitar or bashing the grand till Robin came to complain, often in the company of John Matthews.

My interest in both music and computers stems from this time when LMS managed to procure a ZX81 with the proverbial wobbly RAM-pack which Kev & I used to get access to when babysitting for Ron (about the only way we could to stay up late). Robin had to go one better & purchase a Sinclair Spectrum. Kev, I believe, sadly died of a drug overdose when away one weekend.

LMS has to be one of the weirdest experiences I've been through, here are some of the highlights.

Half the school going nuts on magic mushrooms for about a week.

Really freaky.

Mike Sale relating that his phone was tapped by the Government because he was a member of CND.

Ron Cowels dropping a chunk of potassium about half the size of your fist into a bucket of water (outside) in an attempt to get across the concept of the speed of sound. We ran from the hundreds of fizzing bits that were blown into the air.

Ron Cowels thumping someone (Campbell Dunlop?) for picking a wild flower.

Me playing Santa for the Staff kids :o)

Me absconding on the disastrous trip to Loch Lomond on bike. I parted on the return leg at Drymen with a bike sporting no brakes & stuck in third gear to the South Side of Glasgow. I came back five days later by bus.

Martin Lindsey robbing the safe of the weekend travelling funds. He climbed up the outside of LMS to Robin's flat, stole the safe key, climbed down to the Beak's room, broke in, robbed the safe. Climbed up, replaced the key & returned to the dorm with hundreds of 1 notes. Which he duly showered over everyone. No-one wanted the money. I bumped into him later in '83 just off George Square in Glasgow, he had a hand gun. What a nutter!

Beakess gawping and every time we showered. Why?

Sharing a beer with Bryan & the Beak in my house when they came to persuade me to return to school to sit my O Levels in '83. I regret not sitting the exams, but not staying away from LMS.

People I hung around with were:

Wilson Scobie - Punk extraordinaire - Sound bloke despite the drugs & glue-sniffing.

John Matthews - Quiet guy, liked music & art.

Gordon Laidlaw - Good natured guy.

Sandy - Another good bloke, always out of tobacco ;o)

Scojo - We scrounged together for tobacco.

Ruaridh & Ned - Always together - great guys. The once sent me a Postman Pat letter addressed to Barty Oddfellow Smith (my only nickname ever!). Inside the letter was entirely in Morse Code, hehe. Mad.

Neville Storer - I used to love getting driven about in his clapped out Saab or being up at Merry Hills. The only staff-member who was up for any discussion. Really decent guy.

Bryan Smith - Used to take me along to his art classes he taught at Dollar Academy. We stopped off at his house before hand to talk about art & stuff whilst sampling delicious Dutch treats. Made me feel human, for which I am still grateful.

LMS, what a place!

Andy McLennan."

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