Andrew Patterson, a.k.a. Spock, was at Lendrick between 1980 and 1984.

Spock lives in Kirriemuir.

Craig Diver wrote (28/08/2003):

"I'm relatively sure that 'Spock'  (Andrew Patterson)  left the school in the summer of 1984!  He was one of the last seniors to occupy the Top Floor before it became the new Junior corridor! Incidentally the summer of 1984 is the infamous summer of the riots!  This is the summer that Steven Withers, Steven Tulloch, Paul Adams, Scott (Scojo) Walker, Karen Walker, Gail Hazel Hammond left the school!  The only two former top floors to return in the next session were our very own Jon Drummond & the late great irreplaceable Chris Stephenson!  They were given special dorms in the old Junior corridor, when the dorms were arranged on a (House) Basis!"

Spock is sitting back-left of yet another picture taken in FZ's room..

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