Andrew Swannie left Lendrick in 1965.

Andrew was one of the team that won the Scottish Midlands Sixes Hockey in 1964 - 1965 season.

Robert Richardson wrote (27/08/2003):

"I remember Andrew, one of my pals from when I was there. He came from Lerwick in the Shetlands. At one time we were both going to join the merchant navy. I did go to sea for a while as a deck hand on a trawler, but decided that heaving seas and guts and fishheads were just not my scene ! I am told that Mike Riddle saw him a few years back when he was in the Shetlands. Not a good report, which I have to say I was sorry to hear about. Andrew spent at least one half term with me on Arran where I used to live as he couldn't make the journey to the Shetlands in the time allowed. I always liked him, mostly because I could relate to a shared way of life."

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