was at Lendrick in 1974.


Anne wrote:

"Hi there all, I am in that rather fetching photo of FPs (second row, seventh from left) known then as Anne McGarrachan. Great to see everyone in colour, so long ago I remember it in black and white!! Jeez, we look so old fashioned and I keep telling my son what a trendy chick I was!! Needless to say he doesn't believe me. Please contact if there is any gossip or even boring stuff about any of us, or if anyone is crazy enough for a reunion (there's an idea!!) or wants to get in touch. As I said, it made my day."

Class 2B - 1974

Photo of class 2B

Back row: John Robertson, Alistair Smith, Mick Farish, and Andrew Mckie.

Front row: ???, Maggie McNamara, Anne McGarrachan, and Jackie Brunton.

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