Arthur Paterick was at Lendrick in the sixties.

Robert Richardson wrote (10/03/2004):
"Arthur was my best buddy at Naemoor / Lendrick. He came from
Gorebridge, about 15 miles south of Edinburgh. Suffered dreadfully from asthma, but didn't let that stop him from smoking! Hated hardboiled eggs!
Which was probably why we used to poach whatever we could get on the estate, and often further afield. Pheasants, hares, rabbits, and anything else stupid enough to get it's head in a snare ! We dined much better than what was usually served up in the dining room. Regarding Tom's comment's on the butter we also used to snaffle the large seven pound cans of beans out of the pantry. It was kind of tricky getting them through the bars of the window, by the back door, but it could be done. The only real problem was a lack of a can opener the first time we did it. Being resourceful though, we just put it on the fire to heat it up. About ten minutes was all it took to both heat them up and open the can... the damn thing exploded. You have never seen such a mess! Beans dripping off trees, us and anything else within about a 15 foot radius. I seem to remember that Bruce Sands, and Ian Smart were in on this unexpected bounty! Took us forever to clean the mess off of us, but well worth it. Arthur was still at Lendrick when I left in 1965. I had heard that he was going to join the RAF (like his Dad, who had fled Poland during the War and enlisted in the Air Force). I do know that Arthur had at least one brother, Edward (Ted). If anyone knows his whereabouts I would love to get in touch with him.
We also used to make homemade wine, plus !!, seem to remember that's why Tom no longer cares for the stuff, pure gutrot !! On the other hand, if you could down that stuff you could drink anything, which is probably why Whisky doesn't do a thing for me. I have sampled some of our local West Virginia brews ( Moonshine ) and it's more like the real thing, for me at any rate ( about 160 proof ! ) Mr Haig ( don't be vague ) would probably have had a fit if he knew how well his science classes were understood and put to use!"

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