was at Lendrick between 1968 and 1971.

Barry Byrne is now known as Christopher Paterson.


Kent Road Primary School - ? to 1966
Woodside Secondary School - 1966 to 1968
Lendrick Muir School - 1968 to 1971

After going to Drama School in Glasgow I have spent the last 30 years working in professional theatre all over Britain, including a spell in NZ. I now live in Leicestershire and would be happy to hear from anybody.

I haven't been back to any of my schools in a very long time but plan to include a visit when I go to Scotland later this year.
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He sent an email which said:

"Hello. I was at Lendrick Muir School from 1968 to 1971. My name then was Barry Byrne.

I would be happy for my details to be on the site and I have 4 photos if you want them.

Born & bred in Glasgow I attended Kent Road Primary and Woodside Senior Secondary before going to Lendrick Muir. I think I must have been there from the start of the autumn term 1968 until the end of the summer term 1971. I left with 4 SCSE's - English, Arithmetic, Geography & History having failed my French twice and failing to gain Highers in English & Geography.

I was in the first eleven hockey and cricket teams and, I think, a member of Muir House.


David Thornber - Head.

Jim Haig - Taught me science and who I thought was Deputy Head. Other people on the site have put Ron Buddery as Deputy Head but I'm afraid I have no recollection of him whatsoever. I remember Jim drove an Alpha Romeo sports car and had a room in the main house. Very charismatic figure.

Harry Baxter - Caretaker.

Miss Duff - Matron.

Isabel Comrie - House mother. I have no recollection of her marrying.

Miss Urquhart - Taught me English.

Jessie Gilchrist - I think was head cook.

Mrs Crozier - My favourite House Mother. I remember having a special bond with her and using her as my mother figure at school.

Marie-France Thornber - Head's wife but I have no recollection of her actually working at the school. I remember we all used to fancy her like mad. When I was in 5th year and lived in a dorm on the top floor next to their flat we were often allowed to use her kitchen to make little suppers.

Mrs McGlennan - Taught me Geography and I think was probably my favourite teacher. I remember she had been there a long time and used to tell us stories of the past. Lived away from the school and used to drive in every day.

Bob Glaister - Taught me maths and table tennis. I remember he used to sit on a chair at one end of the table tennis table, with one hand behind his back, and still beat us. He and his wife ran the girls house down in the village.

Roger Wildman - Don't remember him actually teaching me but do remember he was a great outdoors person. Orienteering etc and used to lead parties hillwalking. I remember him supervising gym activities. Had a room in the corridor next to the common room (Room3).

Mr Sim - Tried very hard to teach me French but to no avail. Was our hockey master.

Stan Fairweather - I think taught me woodwork but don't remember him anything like as well as

Dave Sneddon - Very much my father figure at school who taught me woodwork and an awful lot about life. I remember he had a very relaxed attitude and let us do things no other teacher ever would ( I remember some drinking session that took place above the table tennis room in the stables with his knowledge) He was a Mormon and I remember going to a Mormon do at a hotel near Perth with, I think, Richard Johnson and then having to hitch hike back to school. He taught us how to make canoes and then took us out in them.

Steve Barr - Was our youth leader. I went to the football match in Edinburgh with him that someone else on the site mentions. Being chased by Liverpool supporters chucking bricks at our bus as we left the ground.

Tim Neate - Doesn't seem to be mentioned on the site at all but I think taught me art. Great sportsman, especially cricket

? - Taught me History but I cannot remember his name. We called him McSporran because he wore a kilt



I recognise very few of the names on the pupils page. Mostly after my time I think.

James McKie - close friend and in my year. The incident that gave me my nickname of The Milky Bar Kid was carried out with him. Richard Johnston - in my year. Came from South Queensferry and I think had a brother at LMS, possibly Brian.

Isobel Lang - in my year. Came from Forfar and had a brother at LMS called Peter.

John Davidson - in my year. Tried to help me to run away once. Rhona MacDonald - my second girlfriend. Came from Stranraer where her parents ran the George Hotel.

Tom Henderson - gave me my first ever Celtic shirt.

Anne Edmondson - tall blond girl from Canada

Carol Kenny - my first girlfriend.

Angus Lilburn - from Broughty Ferry

Alex Muir, Keith Smith, Tony Nisbet, Loon McKenzie, Paul Redpath, Jim Dickson - people I think I can identify in my school photo.

Sheila Thompson, Steve Kirk, Phil Hogben, Graeme Lockhart, Fred Schlomka, Ian Kennedy, David Turnbull - names that ring bells but not a lot more

I am rambling now so I will stop.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Christopher Paterson

T: +44 7770 518 714

F: +44 7092 196 630

E: christopher@chrispat.co.uk

W: www.chrispat.co.uk"

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