When was Brian Allison at Lendrick?

Brian went out with Carole Cullinane .

Andy Mckie wrote (30/03/2001):

"Brian Allison was from Oakley in Fife. A very talented all round sportsman and a good scholar. Bunked off with me when we were juniors once, there were four of us, I think Colin Smith was one of the others. We went cross country along the banks of the river Devon to avoid the roads.  The Police eventually caught us near the Kincardine Bridge at about three in the morning. The Beak (D.T.) was really quite decent to us when were taken back to the school, I think he gave us Cocoa.
We stayed friends throughout our stay at Lendrick. A really decent guy.  Brian had a long running love affair with Carol Cullinane (my ex)."

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