was at Lendrick between 1963 and 1967.

Carol wrote (18/11/2003):

"Hello everyone---I'm finally back from the Dark Ages, now in the land of the living after my ancient computer finally gave up the ghost and ended up in the garbage-- now it's Brave New World with the all the latest technology --new computer, including and high speed ISP, latest Windows and all the bells and whistles which I'm still trying to figure out how it all works --those of you who remember me from LMS will remember I was no good at anything remotely scientific or technological--took 2 weeks to figure out how to get back into yahoogroups and this list. Anyways all my info and addresses were lost in the old computer --so Ian Phillips if you would please send me your snailmail again I'll mail you those LMS photos.. Since I was last online I had the good fortune to go to North Carolina--beautiful town called Asheville--- near the Vanderbilt Biltmore Estate.

Hear in Southern Ontario winter has arrived with a bang -- we have had some snow-- Great to read the post from Roger--- we called you Felix or Wolfgang..I have some photos which include you. I was in the same class as Anthony Duguid and Sandra Craig-- I really liked them both -- I remember Anthony had the most lovely liquid brown eyes and always wore his olive green LMS polo-necked sweater .. Anthony and Sandra were totally in love with each other --wonder if they ever married??? both were good pupils , both excelled in Art and both were excellent at hockey Sandra was the girl's Hockey Captain and Head Girl when I was there,, Anyone remember Dot Saunders??? Memories---Memories Carol McDonald"

Carol wrote "Hello Everyone..

I'm Carol McDonald...now Rayson... and I had the privilege of being a pupil at Lendrick Muir from 1963-67. I'm totally amazed to find this email group and have registered on the friends reunited sit hoping to find others who attended LMS at the same time as I. Looking forward to sharing some memories of pupils and the teachers ..somewhere I have some old photos and still have the Old School Tie. I'm living in Mississauga Ontario now , where I emigrated in 1970, having graduated as a Teacher from Ilkley College of Education.. I worked taught for a few years.. now sell real estate. For many years my hobby was marathon running and now I raise and show pedigree dogs under the kennel name of Bannockburn..( hence my email moniker) At the moment I have 2 Scottish Bearded Collies .. Hamish and Fergus and an English Bulldog called Cora...and oh yes..I have a husband and two children as well LOL. Names of some of folks I remember...... Neil Walker.... Ann Mason , Dorothea Saunders... Isobel, Linda who played the violin.. Sandy/ . male . Sandra ( the artist) Kate the writer Stuart with the ginger blondish hair.

Margaret Simpson, Jaimie Piper . Irene a couple of Roberts.. Hamish. Handsome Keith

Teachers I remember ..Mr Kerr, Bridgie the English teacher.. Mr Wildman..the new headmaster with the French wife. Marie France.. Miss Drummond the assistant down at Rumbling Bridge... and who was that chap (Paul Rance) with the short dark curly hair and glasses who played KINKS records all the time down at the clubhouse??/ I'll have a look at the archives and see if there is anything else that jogs my memory.

I remember my Lendrick Muir years as one of the best intervals in my life...I just didn't realise at the time how extremely lucky I was to have had the privilege. Hello to all and thanks to whoever put the site together."


"Memories of Lendrick... The Best of Times

Thanks to Ian for emailing me the link to everyone's profiles on the website. I've searched through them all ..and although there are not many from the Sixties ..I did come up with a few names I remember and was particularly pleased to find that old black and white photo of the First Elven Boys Hockey all of whom I recognize. I was sad to see that one girl I do remember as being a year behind me has passed away.. Irene Robertson. I remember Irene as a very pretty girl with dark brown eyes and jet black hair ..always up on the latest fashions, hairstyles and make-up ( she used to cut and style some of the girls' hair) always full of fun and mischief .. Irene used to go out with a boy in my year called Keith who was tall and also had very dark hair and eyes. Anyways while all the memories are still fresh, I thought I'd jot them down for all to read how things were in the mid-sixties at Lendrick Muir. I came to Lendrick Muir from Dundee at about 131/2 years of age.. The *old* headmaster was still there and I remember being invited up to his flats for Marmite on toast with he and his wife... A year or so after I arrived we had a new young and handsome headmaster Mr Thornber from England (Cambridge Grad if I recall) who arrived complete with a Bentley and a beautiful young French wife called Marie-France.. Mr and Madame Thornber had a baby whilst I was a pupil. I was friends with Marie-France and one of my fondest memories was going with her on a car ride to a local village after she had just received her driver's licence... along those windy roads she scared me out of my wits!!! My favourite teacher was Mr Bridgeland ..Bridgie ..who was an Oxford Grad..he taught English and lived up at one of the cottages with his wife and two children . I absolutely adored Bridgie and it was due to him that I passed all my History and English O levels and Highers and went on to become a teacher . He taught me my love of books and poetry and to this day when I read Animal Farm..Lord of Flies , 1984..The Grapes of Wrath or Catcher in the Rye ..I think of Bridgie... Bridgie left about the same time and went on to become a professor at Liverpool university and I visited him several times but sadly, I lost touch with him when I emigrated to Canada. Another favourite teacher of mine was the kind and gentle French teacher Mr Sim... again my love of the French language is due to him and it sure has come in handy living in a country where French is one of the official languages.

Now Mr Sim was very patient and put up with a lot ..but my favourite recollection of Mr Sim is one day in the dining hall... everyone was being exceptionally noisy...so Mr Sim, who was on duty, told us there would be no food served until he could hear a pin drop.. Out of nowhere he produced a pin...sure enough every pupil in the dining hall heard that pin when it hit the floor...because we were all caught totally transfixed.. I was very proud in my graduating year to receive the French prize from Mr Sim. Mr Kerr... how I remember Mr Kerr. Mr Kerr gave me one of my most embarrassing moments. I was a mostly good student who sometimes did silly things. One November 11th ,I decided to wear my poppies in my hair... one at each side above my ear. Mr Kerr was on duty... he took one look at me and hollered.. * Would the Geisha girl please stand!* Immediately I knew it was me and that now red-faced Mr Kerr was extremely angry... In front of everyone he shouted at me about how he had been in the war and how dare I treat a symbol of all those lives lost with such disrespect. It was a lesson humbly learned and to this day whenever I place my poppy on my lapel, I think of Mr Kerr. I don't know how Mr Haig ever put up with me because I was a hopeless case when it came to science.. he had a loud voice and a quick temper, but I liked him and although I failed chemistry I somehow passed my physics O level. I can't remember the Maths teachers name, he was an older man who often disappeared into the walk-in closet in his room to make tea... I frustrated him but somehow managed to scrape through a math O level as well.

I didn't take at O level because when I attended LMS the choice was geog or history and of course I opted for history with Bridgie. Another of the teachers I really liked was Mr Wildman who was the music teacher and also taught some of the yonger trades.. he used to take us all to concerts at Carnegie Hall.. After I was at LMS for a year or so there arrived another pupil from Dundee who was an extremely gifted violinist and pianist..her name was Linda.. I'm sorry I don't remember Linda's last name but I'd love to know what happened to her as Linda was an extremely gifted musician and quite the challenge for Mr Wildman. Linda was shorter than I and had tight curly short blonde hair. Mr Wildman loved hiking and I was part of many of his many treks up the scenic Ochills. I remember our Youth leaders Mr Fairweather.. who was tough but fair and let me be one of the D.J's at the Clubs After I plastered my face with Mary Quant make-up ..I played all my favourite sixties records.. The Beatles..The Monkees.. The Rolling Stones ( Paint it Black...Satisfaction..) The Troggs.. Sandie Shaw,, Dusty Sprinfield The Mommas and the Pappas ... Loving Spoonful etc etc.. There was one boy (Paul Rance) there a year or so behind me who was a DJ also and all he would play was Kinks records.. drove many to distraction LOL. Those were the days of the black records ..no tapes or cassettes etc and we had quite the antiquated sound system at clubs. I remember the lighting system wasn't too good at clubs either... the fire was always burning and there was much smooching in the dark. Mr Fairweather's assistant was a woman we called Horsey for some reason but her name was Miss MacGlennan...she also looked after girls sports. Down at the girls residence in Rumbling Bridge we were ruled by the iron-fist , radar-ears and eagle-eye of the Matron Miss Ross... an older lady who had white hair which matched her pearl ear-rings and white lab coat she always wore.. M Miss Ross was thea no nonsense spinster and taskmaster who ran the house at Rumbling Bridge like a ship and saw to it that we kept it spic and span and ready for spot inspection at all times at ..we girls all had our daily and weekend chores which were on a weekly roster ... cooking... dishwashing... window cleaning,, floor polishing...loos.. the floor were so clean you could see your face in them... There was no T.V or off to clubs until all chores were inspected to Miss Ross's satisfaction. Many a Saturday morning we girls polished the concrete in the downstairs cloakroom with Red Cardinal and hand polished with paste wax and dusters , the linoleum on the dorm floors -- till we could see our faces in them. I can never smell paste wax without thinking of Miss Ross and Rumbling Bridge. I liked Miss Ross...she was hard but she was , you knew exactly what she would and would not tolerate--- and she sure had her work cut out for her...There were several girls who did a bunk and gave her a hard time, --- but Miss Ross never did catch us listening to Radio Luxembourg under the blankets after lights out. Miss Ross had an assistant whose name escapes me.. I think it was Miss Urquart and she came from the Shetland Isles -- I loved the lilt in her voice. Miss Urquart's job was to walk the girls up to school in the mornings then back home at night. Many of us grumbled at the time, clomping along in what was the precursor to the now fashionable Doc Martens.. some of us didn't want our hair messed up by berets and wind.. but looking back that walk did us the world of ..it was a time for talking and bonding and it was how I learned all the constellations looking up as we walked on the frosty winter evenings. Inclement weather we girls took turns being shuttled to and fro' school in the Landrover..usually driven by the caretaker in his cloth cap and wellies, but sometimes by Mr Weatherhead .Miss Urquart must have been in her late twenties to mid -thirties so she was a good go-between..many of the girls could 'fess up to Miss Urquart when they were too scared to tell Miss Ross. Those are some of my memories of some of the teachers.. If I haven't bored you all to tears I'll be back again another time with some reminiscing of the pupils from the mid -sixties. ---the best of times!!!! Carol McDonald ( now Rayson) Mississauga, Ontario.

email: woofters@sprint.ca

And there's more:

Introduction from Canada....My Class

Thanks for all the help everyone, think I have enough information now to put together most of my Class.

Lewis Cameron.... as Bob says, a carrot-top, and extremely nice guy who was super-intelligent . Lewis worked in the library with me. I was always trying to beat Lewis for marks but Lewis usually always managed to beat me royally, in everything but French.

Sandra Craig... Sandra had medium brown hair , wore glasses was an absolutely terrific artist, was captain of the girls hockey team and went out with:-

Anthony Dugid...also in our class ..Anthony had blondish hair which he always wore slicked back.

Keith Innes.... Keith was tall and handsome with dark hair and eyes and had a couple of girl friends.. one of whom was Isobel Kidd from a year behind.

Dorothea Saunders, a fun-loving girl nick-named Dot. Dot was the tallest girl at school, with medium-brown, short hair.. she was a good friend of mine and played a great game of hockey.. and tennis. She came from Dumfries...

Dot had a crush on Mr Haig and a boy in the year ahead called Robert who wore black-rimmed glasses. Dot excelled at sports.

Linda McLaren... Linda came to LMS the year after me.. she was from the same city as I , Dundee so travelled to and fro on the train we spent some holiday time together. Most people at LMS the same as Linda will remember her vividly, because she was a very gifted violinist and pianist. Linda had a huge crush on Roger Wildman. Linda was about 5 feet tall with medium-length blonde curly hair and was full of fun and mischief.. One summer holidays, Linda and I worked together at a hotel on Crichton St. in Dundee as chamber-maids.. we were both 16 and although we had to get up at an unearthly hour to arrive for our 6a.m shifts -- we had a ball...saved lots of money. I remember going shopping with Linda with our money, for going back to schools clothes and buying stuff that stretched the rules a wee bit. Linda was usually behind some of the mischief of we older girls in the Bluebell dorm...there never was a dull moment when Linda was around. If anyone knows what happened to Linda I sure would like to get in touch with her.

Including me that is 7 in our class and I'm sure there were a couple more ...sorry, but is almost 35 years ago . More another time.

Carol McDonald...Rayson Mississauga, Ontario..


"I always thought church on Sunday for we LMS girls was the BEST place to oggle all the boyz ;-).. Mr McConkey was quite the character , and he certainly had a captive audience ! That looong Sunday walk, (about which I always complained ) , turned out to be great training for when I ran the Boston Marathon many moons later.. In fact, I think all we girls were in great shape with that long walk twice a day..to and from Rumbling Bridge.. It seemed like MILES at the time ..just how long was it from Rumbling Bridge to LMS and to church on Sunday ..a mile or two???"

and (10/05/2003):

"we girls also had to drink Ovaltine which I still detest to this day..that and stewed figs, and frog spawn ...uuugh.. Some of the LMS delicacies I did love tho.'.. Lancashire hotpot.. toad-in-the-hole .. Fly Cementary, Rock buns.. Flapjacks.. Plum Duff, Gooseberry Fool, Beef Wellington etc etc etc ---the treat of the week at Craigard was that we girls were allowed Kellogs Cornflakes on Sunday's only.. having to eat soaked-the- night -before real porridge oats every weekday and Sat morning. Being a now health nut and ex-marathon runner , involved in canine a nutrition ( all my dogs eat a complete raw diet ) I realise now that those real soaked oats were probably the best thing for us and why we girls were on the whole a real healthy bunch.. those home cooked meals and the long walk to and from Craigard every day. Another thing I'm thankful for was the cooking *chores* we had at Craigard because it was at Craigard that I finally learned to cook having had a step-mother who just didn't give a toss and fed us fried eggs, chips and baked beans all the time Cheers. Carol in Mississauga, Ontario...where Spring has FINALLY arrived after a bitter, long cold Winter."

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