was at Lendrick between 1968 and 1971.

Carole wrote: "Hi...I'm Carole Beaumont former pupil of Lendrick Muir from 1968 - 71. I'd love to hear from anyone who remembers me. Actually I have already as I posted my details on the Schoolmates UK bulletin board and Keith Pirie contacted me and put me on to this website."

and then she wrote (16/10/02) "

I sent you a brief message with my email address but I 'd like to flesh a few things out. Firstly let me say how sad I was to hear that Irene Robertson is deceased. If I'm not very much mistaken her nickname was Goldie and she came from Edinburgh. She did indeed go out with Keith but I remember him as Keach. Did he not start going out with Issy Laing after Goldie left? I've received emails from Keith Pirie, Ian Phillips and Barry Byrne and the memories have come flooding back. I read through the website and believe I can add some useful information to the extensive database. I started at LMS in 1968 and left in 71. The teachers I recall most are: Mr Buddery - Maths who also taught us ballroom dancing in Room 1 for the end of year "ball". Most of hated the dancing lessons because... how can I say...he was very thrustful! Gus Lilliburn and I were the top maths students in our year and he always gave us these really difficult papers to do that we couldn't cope with. He'd say "it's the process not the product that's important" but Gus and I felt like a couple of dunderheads. I do recall he explained the Theory of Relativity with such clarity that I was totally blown away so he really was a great teacher. Sammy Sim - French teacher. A gentle person. I recall my first of the aforementioned balls, my boob popped out of my terribly sophisticated black velvet cocktail dress and I was only alerted to the fact by the colour of Sammy Sim's face...a beautiful shade of crimson. Tim Neate - The best Art teacher in the world. Tim was a true legend who used to invite the senior art students up to his place for home made Cornish pasties a home brew. He was the Cornish discus champion at one time and could have been an Olympian. His wife was Caroline and they had one young daughter. I recall he purchased/ borrowed a horse to graze his lawn to save him mowing it but the horse devoured it very quickly and started on everyone else's then on the garden beds so he had to get rid of it. He also had a photographic memory and could quote from the entire works of Shakespeare which he had memorised great portions of and he could recognise any artwork he was shown instantly. We tried to catch him out with the most obscure pictures and quotes we could dig up but he identified them all. Jim Haig - legendary Science teacher. I was in the Photo Club We had our own kettle and could make coffee whenever although there was never any milk. Jim had an old record player and we used to play his collection of Tom Lehrer records over and over. I think he also had some Lenny Bruce and Swan and Allen. He played the grand piano at assemblies and the organ in the church (Rev McConkey). Jim used to take us for coffee to Crook of Devon and Rumbling Bridge all crammed into his little Alpha Romeo. I remember one day getting a lift up from Craigard in the Alpha and he had to hang out of the door while he drove because the windscreen had totally iced up. He also played guitar and was in the Caledonian Society - he took me to a ceiledh one night. I have a vague recollection he could also play the bagpipes. He rode a motorbike when he wasn't driving his Alpha and he was into gliding...later hang gliding I discovered on the internet. David Thornber - Headmaster known as The Beak, former Quaker and all round eccentric. he used to torture us every morning (or so we thought) by playing a piece of classical music - his favourite was anything from The Planet Suite by Holtsz. He used to stick the name of the piece being played that morning on the window behind the piano. One morning there was nothing stuck on the window and he demanded to know what the piece being played was called. When no one could answer he got really angry and extended assembly then made us sing harmonies: girls only to sing then boys. Since girls were definitely in the minority we not impressed. I also remember Arlene Clements and I applied an entire tube (large of course) of Mary Quant fake tan to our faces and turned up at assembly looking like red Indians. He made us scrub our faces til they were red raw but it wouldn't come off and we stayed like that for several weeks. I also recall his sex ed talk after one unfortunate girl got herself pregnant, it went something like... don't let boys touch your breasts as it can lead to pregnancy...we were all a little bemused but fortunately were much better informed. Marie France - wife of beak, great cook but dreadful cleaner. We used to clean up her kitchen for the privilege of using it to make whatever we liked. Because of her excellent taste in cookware I am now the proud owner of a full set of Le Creuset. We made meringues one night and put the excess to bake in the staffroom oven and the greedy buggers ate them! Her adorable children used to drag her old petticoats around with them everywhere. Willie Fulton - Art teacher after Tim Neat left. Another legendary individual. Both he and his wife Moira looked Spanish and they spent a lot of time there during the holidays. I remember Mrs McGlennan but I totally hated History and Geography so can't recall any anecdotes. Fanny Urquhart - English teacher and as I recall the most boring teacher in the world. Ironic really ...I ended up teaching English for 15 years. Enough about teachers although there are more I remember. But does anyone recall the death trap bus we used to go to Kinross in for swimming lessons? The emergency door had an unfortunate habit of opening when there was no emergency usually when some poor unfortunate was leaning against it. We all hated going anywhere in that contraption because other schools had real buses and we'd turn up the the death trap. How about the ciggie runs at dead of night when one individual would sneak into Crook of Devon and nonchalantly walk into the local shop and ask for 200 Benson and Hedges please. Often you'd be greeted with... are you from that school up the road? "Not me" you'd say and return laden. The going rate was 1 for every 10 purchased I recall. Who remembers the wine cellar incident? How about the band we had in the cellar...how did they get the piano down there? In my first year the girls bunked up at the main school while Craigard was being refurbished...that led to all sorts of fun and games. How about tobogganing in the field next to Craigard...I could go on and on but will anyone read this? I painted a full size mural of Led Zeppellin on the wall in the club across from the stables does anyone remember it, it was so cool. Must go and if anyone does get to the end of this please contact me if you know me... remember Batty Beaumont. "


"I just emailed a great long message to you but forgot to include the best memory of all... watching the first man set foot on the moon with the entire school in Room 3. Please add this to my novelette."

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