Carole Cullinane was at Lendrick between 1973 and 1977.

Carole can be contacted at

Carole went out with a number of guys, including Alex McSorley, Andy Mckie, Brian Allison, and Dougie Stewart.

Carole Cullinane wrote: "Hi name is Carole-Anne Black but was known as Carole Cullinane.

I went to LMS Dec '74 to Apr/May '77.

It would be great and surprising to hear from anyone.

Some of the names fair gave me a turn seeing them.

hope to hear from someone soon!!

God this backs so many memories!!!!


"the stories just keep coming back the more i look through the pics
etc.....don't know if this is what u want but.....

My first boyfriend was Alex McSorley (and sorry Alex but I didn't really
fancy you) i got such stick when i first arrived about pinching peoples
boyfriends that i picked one that they would leave me alone about.

I went out with Brian Allison who i loved dearly and still hold a very soft
spot for in my heart.

The person i will never forget though is Dougie Stewart, reason: i lost my
virginity to was one of the most beautiful experiences in my life
and i still love him for it.  I was only 16, it was parents day and our
parents weren't coming.....we went out for the dreaded 'smoke' and ended up
making love.  It was so good that we went back and did it again.

hope that's ok.....will probably come up with the time us
girls all got scared when
Babs nearly cut off Dina's ear cause she found out
she'd been with Nick.......glad she didn't find out so had I........or the
time, well we'll keep that for later

bye for now  xxx

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