Carole Stevenson was at Lendrick in 1971 and 1972.


Single again! One son, Nicholas, one grand-daughter, Nicola, and daughter-in-law Suzanne living in Ireland. (I'm still in Scotland) I write for a living (ANYTHING that sells!) and do part time photography. I'm a happy and contented individual, I know my own limitations. I have a confidence within which only comes about through trials and tribulations. My life has been kind of nomadic but I settled down about ten years ago, and basically would love to hear from old friends. I have many memories of Lendrick - (boarding school after primary education) some good, some bad, some happy, some sad. Many hilarious and others down right MAD! I'd love to share memories with other F.P's, and can be contacted at : ???
Cheers to first loves and to all those who were (for me) brothers and sisters!
With Love From,
Carole !
27/10/2001 20:53:46

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