In 1978 Eddie Glass wrote:

L endrick life can be one major bore
E specially at mealtime when you won't ask for more
N o one seems happy, all sad and depressed
D on't meet with trouble, the school comes off best.
R efusing to work can lead to a fate
I f you get away with it you really are great,
C oming to Lendrick is no one's desire,
K illed is your ending like an arsonist on fire.

M aybe I'll regret it when I leave this school,
U nder 'Beak's' authority it's one massive rule
I f you're thinking of leaving, there's always a door,
R un for your life or suffer lots more.

P eople are dying, slowly but sure,
R eaching their climax with nothing to cure.
I f you want to suffer, remain in this school
S uffering is a happening that makes you a fool.
O nce every month, we get a weekend
N o one refuses or they meet death's end.

Eddie Glass was living in the Bishopbriggs area for a while.

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