As a former humble member
of the staff at Lendrick Muir
The memories I conjure up
Are happy ones for sure.

To look back upon those former days
With all the girls and boys,
As we tried to keep one step ahead
To beat them at their ploys.

Each one of them with problems
We tried hard to help them  beat
As from all different backgrounds
At Lendrick they did meet.

From rising in the mornings,
Until the time for bed,
We strove ahead relentlessly
To put some sense into their head

These boys and girls we got to know
Looked after for a while
Until they had to leave us
Say Good-bye in their own style

The time then that they spent with us
With their future life unsure,
We hoped they had been happy
In their spell at Lendrick Muir.

Now Lendrick as we knew it
Soon part of our yesterdays
A new era will be dawning
Naught stays the same always

Perhaps a clever teacher
One day will write a book
There must be a fund of stories
About "LENDRICK" near the Crook!


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