A DAY IN THE LIFE ....,......!

"I've put up the tents, Mr. Quin"

"Good lad, Spock. That really is great.?

I mustn't show too much emotion or, praise the boy too lavishly, but this is one of those rare moments when teaching at Lendrick Muir School is just about one of the most rewarding things that a man can do. After a truly exhausting day of winter mountaineering, Andrew Patterson - of all people - has rushed ahead to put up his teacher's tent. What nicer way to show me that he has appreciated his day and all the work that has gone into it. One gets through to the children, I mean really through to them, only rarely, but when you do it's tremendous. Is it the companionship, or the grandeur and beauty of the mountains that has lifted his spirit above a common bound? Who cares about "Tea and Prep", "Lates", or "Risers" when rewards like these occur!

"Well done, Spock! That was brilliant! Careless of me to leave the car open though."

"Oh! you didn't leave it open."


"No! It was locked. I just used my ice axe to force open the door."


"I've broken the window but I'll be able to fix it for you. And the lock doesn't seem to be working. Was it okay before??  Mr. Quin,

Mr. Quin, what's wrong? What are you making that face for? Mr. Quin. ...aaahhhh!!!?


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