Lendrick has memories, very special to me
Extra strong
No-one could guess the healing qualities
Dispensed there
Rich in love, care, tears and laughter
Cherished within
Cherished forever in my heart hereafter
Kindly nourished

Moving on through continual changes in time
Unbeaten though worn
Irreversibly though, as the maturing of wine
Ripe and rich.

Special for me 'the Beak' in his hey day
Charismatic but strong
Haig, Heath, Smith, Simmons or Campbell may
Objectively join him
Oh, how I could go on - ad infinitum
Listing them all.

May Lendrick Muir School remain in my heart
Every and a day
My Lendrick Muir School has played it's part
Over many years
Regretfully Lendrick Muir may physically depart
Yet spiritually it is invincible.


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