My memories of Lendrick Muir span approximately 10 years from early 70's to early '80's. I worked in the lab and tried to keep the Prep Room tidy - a hopeless task - and set up experiments in Physics and Chemistry for whoever was taking the class. Also helping any pupil doing sixth year studies to make progress on their own. Best I remember summer afternoons in the lab, when the sun could stream in making a somnolent atmosphere when perhaps Jim Haig was teaching the Senior Forms, and the trick was to anticipate his line of thought so that one correctly forecast his next demonstration.

Then there was Phil - who had to have his insulin injection at regular intervals, and was often to be seen with two dry biscuits to keep up his blood sugar. He was always ready to converse with any member of staff ready to listen.

I remember invigilating in Room 1, while unaccustomed peace prevailed for 2 or 3 hours, matched only by the quality of the view with not a house in sight but only rolling hills and fields.

Christmas was one of the highlights, when the acts put on by the school were performed and received with great gusto. Staff played their part in devising musical entertainment and sketches in which bodies were dissected with plentiful displays of blood. The Headmaster was always the butt for jokes on these occasions.

For the boys, sport was an important feature, and in proportion to their numbers they held their own in football against the local teams. At one time they set off in a double-decker bus, with an intrepid member of staff at the wheel ; this ride being an adventure in itself. Girls were never quite so keen on this aspect of boarding school life, canoeing down the Tay and raft-races daunted all but the most daring.

Guitar-playing was always popular, preferably in the style of the current 'Pop' group, and any member of staff with musical talents, quickly attracted a following.

Despite all the problems of 'running-away' and smoking behind the lab there was a cohesive spirit amongst staff and pupils, sometimes in rivalry and sometimes in unison which made the days at Lendrick Muir ones to be remembered.


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