Over the years Lendrick Muir School has seen many changes. It was once a privately-owned mansion, and then during the Second World War became hospital for convalescent soldiers. Its role as a private school called Naemoor started way back in 1946. At that time the stables were just classrooms ? Science and Maths were taught where now we wash the shirts and socks (the laundry).

In the main house boys slept up to eight in a room on the top and middle floors. Things were very much different then, no carpets lining the floors but lots of polished wood and creaking doors. Every afternoon, after and before tea the pupils had to do a constitutional run via the Crook and Rumbling Bridge. Most of the running done now is "here and there? in the mini-bus .

In 1963 we had "Naemoor Naemare" the school's name was changed to Lendrick Muir. Then in 1965 as Mr. Thornber was beginning his twenty years? reign as Headmaster we saw the new classroom block nearing completion. In the early 70?s other changes took place, we had the building of the craft room crush hall etc. This effectively joined the classrooms to the main house Lendrick Muir had taken on a whole new look. The pupils now enjoyed activities such as camping, canoeing and ski-ing.  An entirely different out of school life from the early days.

Time it is said is a precious thing. Time it is said brings all things to an end.

Many of us have pleasant memories of days gone by. What is to happen now is uncertain. Hopefully Lendrick Muir, under the guidance of Mr. Hayles can continue to educate young people as it has successfully done over the years.


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