I was so vexed to hear Lendrick Muir School has to disappear, a pity really as it had such potential. Fortunately there are many pupils who have benefited from their experience there and have done well, I enjoy Christmastime when I hear from so many ex-pupils, all well scattered. It is not so long ago I had an ex-pupil and her husband for a weekend. She and I went up to school to look for the famous "Wishing Well". After scrambling about in the woods she eventually found it and tried to lure me into the thicket, but my better judgment kept me back.

However, we had to look for the proverbial white pebble so that she could go back, stand stride legged over the well, drop the pebble in and make her wish. This brought back many glowing memories.

Scottish Country Dancing was a project on Friday Evenings for many years. It terminated when weekends home became the fashion. We all enjoyed it. When down south on an invitation to an ex-pupil, we all went to a local dance. I was quite proud when he asked me to dance and performed a St. Bernard's Waltz to perfection.

I do hope the new venture will be successful,


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