(in Memory of President Allende)

We wanted to bring our goods to market on our own terms. To set up our stall and sell them. We had produced these goods, They were produced in our Co-operatives where everyone had a chance to take part in the organisation and planning of their manufacture. We had set up new structures and after we had taken over the factories and run them as the workers saw fit.

Our factory gate price was lower than that of our competitors. We knew that the world needed what we produced.

There were others in the market who didn?t wasn?t to let us in. They were happy doing things the old way. Since we had taken over from the bosses they could no longer cream of the profits to pay for their life style. If our products sold well they believed that our social, economic and working structures were going to undermine their old, established ways. Because we were successful our people would begin to believe in their own abilities, in the organising and planning capacities of the ordinary workers. Our success would be seen by workers in other countries as a challenge to follow our technique.

We were trying to break into the market. It was said to be open. To favour new ideas ... enterprise. To favour those who sold their product at a  cheaper price.

But they controlled the market, They clubbed together to fix a price. To keep us out.

The market was not as free as it had been proclaimed.

The effect of us being unable to sell our product in the market led to the weakening of our newly established social and economic structures. Our ideas were belittled as impractical and utopian.

Foreign agents were sent in. Our government was undermined. Our freely elected President was shot.

The market is only as free as they make it. The whole and people can suffer - their must keep their profits.



Hugging the homeward road
In the car
A whirr of wings
Left to sight
A flash of white in the light
Black edged Orange bill
An Oyster-Catcher !


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