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was at Lendrick in 1974.

Can anyone else remember having been on camp with the school? I vaguely remember one at a campsite round the bay from Stranraer. The staff who were with us included, I think, Joe Campbell, Roger Wildman, Martin Pennock, and Jimmy Smith. Seem to think it was much enjoyed and the staff were all very much part of the gang without exerting much authority.
"One of the features of the 'Thornber years' at Lendrick seemed to be that the fullest possible use was made of the diverse skills which individual members of staff possessed. I can think of several examples but the sort of thing I have in mind was the late Stan Fairweather whose day job was teaching crafts but who had a useful sideline of being school barber. Even the rowdier boys tended to behave in Stan's classes in the knowledge that he could visit a terrible revenge upon them once armed with his scissors. Anyone recollect other examples of staff with "more than one string to their bow"? (cue RPW!)"


Happily married with two girls living in Kirkcaldy, Fife. Worked mostly in transport but now in library service.
Not really kept in contact with former pupils but my path has crossed with a few over the years. Look forward to exchanging e-mails with anyone who remembers me.

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