Graeme Patrick

Graeme (Pigeon) Patrick was at Lendrick in the seventies.

Graeme writes (01/03/2003):
"Hi Everybody

So this is where you're all hiding!

I'm not sure I recognise many of the names here, does anyone remember Peter Storey or Watson (glob) Miller <<< sorry Watson! or Monkey?

Does anyone remember me for that matter ? :-p well if you do I'm alive and well living in Falkirk where I build and repair PC's for a living and would be happy to hear from you, LMS holds great memories for me ....mostly of my never ending determination to be somewhere else and to pursue that goal relentlessly to the point of eventual expulsion! ah yes those were the days! I Had many happy/sad times at LMS and came to be known as pigeon..... homing pigeon. The only other thing that immediately springs to mind is what appalling tempers so many of the staff had i.e. Mr Lawson, Jaz Haig, Joe somebody who used to fire hockey balls at the speed of light at your bare legs whilst being brutally forced to run laps round the gym at ungodly hours, Mr Davenport also had a fiery temperament and I recall being put over Crispin Heath's knee and spanked on the bare bum with a slipper or sandshoe ( I'm not sure for who's benefit ).

The ever patient Mr Russell ( social worker and friend) was a great guy as was the beak and I have a big soft spot for Brian Smith the art teacher not to mention Miss Duff ah yes the halcyon days of LMS.

Hope they're all in therapy! Hope you're all well, best wishes, Graeme Patrick a.k.a. Pigeon"

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