Graham took his own life in April 1986.

In 1978 Graham wrote:

Life at Lendrick is really great,
for the plebby wee juniors it's bed at eight
For the great middle corridor it's really fine
Cos we go to bed just after nine.

Life on top floor is a real disaster
Cos they live next door to the 'great' Headmaster.
Being on bottom's really all right
Cos they get to stay up till all hours at night.

The dinners are magic, the teas are great,
They give you a bean and sometimes a plate
The kitchen staff are really intent,
They give you porridge that's just like cement.

Bryan Smith gives you a fright
When he tries to catch you talking at night
The walls all shudder the ceiling falls in
Bryan Smith makes most of the din.

I'm writing this poem for the Image mag
I hope it's not been too much of a drag.

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