Iain MacLeod was at Lendrick in 1977


After an absence of 22 years......I am now back in Glasgow. I never imagined that I would find myself back here! Although my stay at Lendrick was all too short, it was an experience I am very glad I had.

So where have I been ? An abbreviated biog...

1979 - 1980 - Working in Boarding School as a houseparent...

1982 - 1985 Degree in Psychology (London)

1985 - 1992 Various Social Work Posts

1992 - 1994 Masters Social Policy

1998 - 2002 Living and working in North Yorkshire

May 2002 - Back in Glasgow....and enjoying it. Just about to move into a flat in the Park Circus area...

Get in touch if you are in or around Glasgow.

Cheers Iain

09/05/2002 14:41:17 

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