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,a.k.a. Lenny, was at Lendrick between 1973 and 1975.


Ian wrote:

"It was very strange finding your site and poring through the stories and memories of FP's I'd known at LMS, but lost touch with after my abrupt departure. I was thrown out of LMS in the spring of 1975, together with Barbara (Babs) McKay and Diana (Dina) Dow.

Who do I remember? Barbara and Dina I'll never forget, but since finding your site the faces and memories have been crowding in. To name a few: Martin Meek (good football player and a good friend at that time), Mick Stevens (guitar, another friend); Stephen (Spud) Yeoman (etched on my memory, not always pleasantly); Anne McGarrachen (smiling mischievously, usually with reason); Helen Smith (girlfriend for a long time); Jackie Main (shy and hiding behind long dark hair); Anna MacKinnon (big and terrifying); Ian Kennedy (stood up for me once, fond memory); Kathy Milligan (summer afternoon and lying together in the long grass between the big house and the playing fields, ignoring the cricket...another fond memory); sitting at a table with Jazz Haig and Mark Woodcock, Jazz sitting across from us and writing upside down (a speciality of his); Jazz Haig trying to beat me through a window; Jazz knocking Robert Ronald's head off every wall in LMS after catching us smoking after lights-out. It was RR's first day at LMS! I hid under a bed and refused to budge; playing hockey Saturday mornings for the first eleven somewhere in the frozen North and getting beaten, always beaten. Martin Meek in goal, our best player.

Although my stay at LMS was relatively short, the memories are often vivid and on the whole positive."

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