was at Lendrick between 1975 and 1981.

Ian has a web page of his own at iansweeney.me.uk

Ian was born 19/01/1964, which was a Sunday. He was a member of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders' cadets.

Ian left Lendrick with Highers in Biology (B), Chemistry (C), English (C), Mathematics (A), and Physics (A) as well as O'Grades in Biology (A), Chemistry (A), Economics (C), English (B), French (B), Geography (C), Mathematics (A), and Physics (A).

Ian had a crush on Karen Paige and was disappointed when she married Kenny Speirs.


Ian wrote:

"I was awarded the school Dux prize the year I left. It was 50. I didn't get the money until some time later. I'd started at Uni as a poor student and my grant cheque hadn't come through. I decided to phone up the school and ask when I'd be likely to see the money. Sheila Dingwall answered the phone and after a few pleasantries, but before I could ask the question behind my phone call, she told me that Norman Bisset had died that morning. Of course I couldn't follow that with a whinge about money and instead I ended up hitchhiking to a funeral a few days later."

Ian wrote (some time ago):

"I think I arrived at LMS in November or December 1975, which puts me at eleven years of age. I went into the middle dorm of the junior corridor, which was dorm 11. I shared the dorm with John Brown, Phil Clark and Ross McAlister. Dorm 10 had Kenny Gaitens and Steven Clabby, and dorm 12 had Rab Mackinlay. Rab is the only one I can remember from that dorm, and only because my Grannie sent me a food parcel, and the silly old dear sent it second class. It was a load of fruit that had gone off by the time it arrived. Rab had booby trapped my bed the week before (apple-pied?), and by way of revenge I put all the rotten fruit in his bed. It had the colour and texture of shit. Actually Van Du Tracy (VD) might have been in dorm 12 also. If any of what I've written is wrong, let me know; my memory forgets a lot of stuff it doesn't want to remember."


Ian Sweeney, June 2003

Ian Sweeney, 1999

Image Magazine 1976


Ian Sweeney and Eddie Blades


John Brown, Ruaridh Braes, Ross McAlister, Phil Clark, Kevin Banner, and Ian Sweeney

He was enuretic at LMS. Quite a few of the kids were.

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