Irene Robertson was at Lendrick in 1967.

Irene is now deceased. She came from Edinburgh (did she?).

Tom McDonald wrote (2/3/03): "Some years ago I was very sad to learn of the untimely death of my old mate Irene Robertson. Irene was a beautiful girl with jet black hair and had the most wonderful smile that I have ever seen. Her face used to light up like a beacon, and her sense of humour was a joy to behold. For a time we had a romantic liaison but we were always more best friends than anything else. It saddened me then and still does today that she is gone. If I had known how she felt then I would have contacted her and gone over to Glasgow, I think that was where she came from and take her out. Sadly it didn't happen. The world is a poorer place for Irene's passing. If you are watching us, WE LOVE YOU DARLING!"

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