, a.k.a. Birky, was at Lendrick between 1976 and 1981.

He wrote to Ian Sweeney:

"James Birkmyre here, I don't know if you will remember me after all this time. I stumbled onto the LMS website by sheer accident, it was like a blast from the past and I had more than a slight chuckle to myself at some of the names I remember. I must admit that although some of the names I recall with a slight sense of happiness, others still make me wince with a little fear. After leaving Lendrick in 1981 I did go back for a visit a couple of years later and most of the teachers were still there. I went out for a beer or two with Ron Cowells and his wife along with a few others. I don't know if you know that Joe Campbell was very ill with ME for quite a while. I never heard what happened to him though. I went on to college where I managed to pay attention for long enough to get an HND in Business Studies and Computer Data Processing. I put all that studying to good use by going to work in the Hotel industry which I am still doing after 18 years, albeit in a slightly more senior capacity. I now travel all round the UK overseeing the food and drink operations of 35 health clubs. I would like to hear from anyone that you still keep in touch with although I think a reunion is probably not a good idea when you think back to some of the characters we went to school with. I always remember that you were marginally more clever than some of us and that you used to say when asked what you were going to do when you were older, "I am going to be an Actuary actually". What did you do eventually? Anyway I will stop rambling on and it would be great to hear from you. Best wishes James Birkmyre (Birky)"

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