, a.k.a. Piranha, was at Lendrick from November 1968 until June 1971.

He's originally from Fort William.

The staff list at that time was:

Youth Leaders were Steve Barr, Iain Fraser, Dave Sutherland, and Joe Campbell

Matrons were Miss Duff, Mrs Crozier, Isobel Comrie and Mrs Bissett

Harry Baxter was the caretaker.

Jim wrote:

"Stan also taught Judo, as did Roger Wildman. Dave Sneddon who was Stans predecessor as woodwork teacher started the club and acquired the mat from the Templehall club in Kirkcaldy. I will never forget the elation at managing to beat Roger who in spite of his gentle nature was as tough as old boots :-)

Happy days."


Jim wrote:-

"I have many fond memories of Lendrick, like most of it's inhabitants I had a somewhat chequered past. The school succeeded in letting me get through my adolescence without getting locked up, a major achievement in itself.

My contemporaries were Tony Nisbet, Richard Johnston, Mark Dunning, Steve Kirk, Graeme Lockhart, Fred Schlomka, Phil Hogben, Anne Edmundsen, Sheila Thompson, Rhona MacDonald, Pamela Stephenson, Terry Magee and a host of others whose names escape me."

Mark Dunning says "Jim was at LMS during my time there, circa 1969-1972. He was a vice-captain. A good bloke and a good friend. I haven't seen him for years though."


"Church attendance was compulsory in my day, although occasionally people chose not to go. We had a lad called George Amos, big fellow, excellent cricketer, in fact a very nice guy.............anyway..........one morning George decided to skip church. Duncan McConkey for his text that morning chose a reading from the book of Amos, saying Amos is one of the smallest books in the Bible........In fact Amos is rather hard to find. To this day I bet he wonders why the church just about exploded..........all heads turned looking for George........who was indeed somewhat hard to find........Happy days."

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