John Mackenzie/Nelson was at Lendrick between 1978 and 1981.

John married in Vegas 2004-04-08

is the official registrant for

While at Lendrick John changed his surname from Nelson to MacKenzie.

John was born 1964-07-19, which was a Sunday.

John arrived in February, 1978 and when he left Lendrick he went on to become an electronic engineer, and now repairs and maintains chemical analysis instruments around the country. He lives about 10 miles outside Glasgow in a village called Milton of Campsie, where he has stayed for about 15 years. He was married but separated from his wife and now has a long term partner called Vicky who is a primary school teacher. John has no children. He would be happy to hear from other old boys from Lendrick.

John got on well with Chris Henderson.

John wrote (2003-04-27):

"My twopenneth if anyone is interested, is that this group provides a forum for people who want to reminisce/complain about how good/bad or indifferent the school/adolescent experiences were. For the most part the postings do seem to be positive and I certainly find it interesting to see were people have ended up, and how life has blessed or cursed since leaving Lendrick. At this point I would just like to say hi to Andrew in Austalia....I hope it treats you well. I always fancied going out to California myself, but due to all sorts of reasons I never have, much to my own disappointment. The group will always struggle for postings as there are only a small number of us, I do notice that a lot of the names on the web site don't turn up here on the posting board. There are obviously some people who only read the threads and don't contribute to them. As I recall from school most of us were there for our anti-social behaviour so is it surprising that we are still quite anti-social? One thought I have had is that not all people want to sign up for a yahoo ID and perhaps other arrangements could be made and this might swell the posters?"

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