, AKA Slim, was at Lendrick between 1979 and 1982.

John wrote (2006-02-11):

Campbell Dunlop "Dopey" was at Lendrick around 1980 - 1982 I think he was from Glasgow.

Wilson Scobbie was at Lendrick around 1980/1 - 1982 he came from Bellshill and was a punk and easily recognisable with his mohican hairstyle (sometimes in different colours). I think he left Lendrick before I did. I was in the same dorm as him and Campbell Dunlop on the Middle Corridor.

William "Wullie" Wotherspoon also arrived after me but I`m not sure if he left before I did. He was a small stumpy boy with dark hair and had a "Gypsy" look to him.

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