was at Lendrick in 1976.

Joe married and has four children: three girls and one boy. He's now living in Leicester.

Joe wrote:

"I was at Lendrick in the 70s. I remember the observatory that was on the hill at the top of the sports field, on the left as you go out to the fields. I remember Chris Perkins did a lot of work on it. Shame about the strong winds one night when they blew the roof off of it."

Joe wrote:

"I was in dorm 10 with Watson Miller and Van Du Tracy. In cadets I remember Timothy Issac and Colin Smith. Did they not play war games at clubs? Do you remember the single decker bus we had to push start all the time? On a trip to a B.A.Y.S. (British Association of Young Scientists) meeting it broke down and died. We got a double deck bus from Glasgow after that. Other names I remember are Keith Thompson, Timothy Nolan, Sean Martin, Chris Perkins, and James Mason. As a matter of fact on parents' day once my parents brought air rifles up and we used them in the sports field."


Hi friends. I hope you can get in touch with me. There are lots of you I still think of; people such as Susan Wain, Nicky Kirwan, Van Du Tracy, Derek, Joe. even Alec Baxter. I would love to here from all the pupils and teachers that I know. so please get in touch with me; thinking of you all.

Joe (1st row 3rd right) is keen that anyone who remembers him should get in touch.

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