, a.k.a. Keach, was a pupil at LMS between 1966 and 1970.


While at Ruthrieston School, I lived in Cranford Road, Aberdeen. Moved to Lendrick Muir School for three years. Moved back to Aberdeen when I left school. I still live in the area and am married with three grown up children, two girls and a boy 24 , 23 , 19, and a 6 year old grand-daughter. My son (19) has recently come home from a year in Australia. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. Maybe share a memory or two.
12/11/2002 21:57:35

"Hi, Keith Pirie here. I have been viewing the LMS website for the last few months now. What a great achievement to collate so much information and detail in such a short space of time. I was a pupil at LMS from late 1966 to summer 1970. I have mostly very fond memories of my time at Lendrick. The bulk of my out-of-school hours were spent in Jim Haig's science lab, taking photographs and developing photographs in the darkroom. During the summer months, I still have vivid memories of speeding down the narrow roads from school, down to Rumbling Bridge, along the road to Crook of Devon and back to school again, perched on the back of Jim Haig's MG Sprite, and latterly his Alfa Romeo. Two classy motors, in their time. I also remember the numerous treks up the Ochil Hills, supervised by Roger Wildman, on orienteering exercises. Since logging on to the site, I have been in touch with, Roger Wildman ( now living in the Shetlands), and Carole Beaumont who now lives in Australia. I note that on the site, I have been credited as going out with Irene Robertson, ( NOT GUILTY ). I see that she left LMS in 1967. So sad to read that she has passed away. I think that I am being confused with either Keith Innes or Keith Smith, one of whom I recall went out with Irene Dobson ( Goldie ). I thoroughly recommend that everyone who visits the site, read the Final Souvenir, I am sure that everyone will find some memories in this article. Thanks again for a great site, bringing back some fantastic memories. Anyone who remembers me can contact .

Keith S. Pirie ( F.P.) "

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