Linda Dobbie was at Lendrick in 1967.

Tom McDonald wrote (2/3/03): "

Now here was a girl that everyone lusted after. The first time I heard Linda's name must have been 1964/65 and I was sitting on my bed in dorm 24 and Michael Mutch was jumping up and down on his bed saying he had just seen the most beautiful girl and her name was Linda Dobbie. He described her in such a way that we all couldn't wait until the following morning to see who this girl was. As soon as I saw her I was IN LOVE. She really was a very sweet little thing with a sort of pudding basin style hair cut on her jet black hair. Her face was kind of rounded and she had what could be described as a cuddly figure and God how I wanted to cuddle her. I never forgot Linda after I left and often wonder what she is doing now. At one stage, early 70's I think it was, someone told me she was an actress.
I would imagine that 90% of the boys fantasised about her. Linda had one or two boyfriends, and yes I managed it for about two days then we decided we were mates.
Bob Stewart was one relatively long term boyfriend of Linda's and how I was jealous of him. However, he was a mate and I never said anything to him, until now. Bob you're a BASTARD and you kept Linda from me! Only joking mate.


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