Linda McLarenwas at Lendrick in 1967.

Carol McDonald wrote:

"Linda McLaren... Linda came to LMS the year after me.. she was from the same city as Carol McDonald, Dundee so travelled to and fro on the train we spent some holiday time together. Most people at LMS the same as Linda will remember her vividly, because she was a very gifted violinist and pianist. Linda had a huge crush on Roger Wildman. Linda was about 5 feet tall with medium-length blonde curly hair and was full of fun and mischief.. One summer holidays, Linda and I worked together at a hotel on Crichton St. in Dundee as chamber-maids.. we were both 16 and although we had to get up at an unearthly hour to arrive for our 6a.m shifts -- we had a ball...saved lots of money. I remember going shopping with Linda with our money, for going back to schools clothes and buying stuff that stretched the rules a wee bit. Linda was usually behind some of the mischief of we older girls in the Bluebell dorm...there never was a dull moment when Linda was around. If anyone knows what happened to Linda then Carol McDonald sure would like to get in touch with her."

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