was at LMS circa 1969-1972.

Mark wrote (2001-11-18):
"I'm now an attorney living and working in Northern California. Married for 13 years to Amy, an anthropologist but no children. I would be happy to hear from anyone who might remember me."

Mark also wrote:

"I hope that you can answer some of my questions.

Is Roger Wildman still around? I'm still a great classical music fan buff today thanks to him.

How about Willie Fulton the art teacher? Does anyone remember Keith Smith or Richard Johnson? Loon McKenzie and Jim McKie?

When I first landed at LMS, I shared a room with Danny Horn and Steven Yeoman amongst others. The observatory was being built after a fashion and I spent the odd work party digging the trench. Steve Barr took us to Easter Road one night to see Liverpool and Hibs in a UEFA Cup game and the school bus had all its windows broken in the aftermath. Swimming took place at Dunfermline baths on a Tuesday night.

Remember Gordon Thompson? Played the piano and loved buses. How about Frank Lynch from Paisley? Stewart Thompson? Eric Chambers?

I played guitar in those days and strummed with Joe Campbell from time-to-time. Is he still around? I remember catching him out for a duck during the cricket sixes in 1972.

I do remember the horrendous bullying that took place there. I was beaten up pretty badly numerous times. I hope that all that stopped.

That is the only bad memory that I have of the place. Poor Beak. I don't think that he ever knew the extent of it.

Anyway, if you have any news or simply want to chat about the old days, please write back."

Mark also wrote:-

" sneaked a sly drag with a lad called Danny Horn and was spotted by one of the staff (can't remember his name but he had a big alsatian called Antus).

Did they ever finish the observatory? I spent a few work parties digging the cable trench for that.

Is Roger Wildman still alive? How about Mrs McGlennan or Willie Fulton the art teacher?

Do you remember Peter Campbell the kleptomaniac whose main goal in life was to break into Jim Haig's room and steal his money? His confederate, John Black, ended up impregnating one of the girls, Nancy Haughey (sp).

There was Paul Redpath, Suzanne King, Jim Dickson, Richard Johnson, Mike McGlynn to name but a few. I used to play guitar with Joe Campbell (taught him all he knew) and I would always try to cadge extra cocoa from Ms. Duff.

Did you ever make toast in beak's flat? That was one of the highlights of the week.

I'm in America now where I'm an attorney. I'll bet that beak wouldn't believe that if he heard it as I'm sure he thought I was destined for Strangeways or Broadmoor. I'd love to come back one day just to look at the old place again. Maybe I will."

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