a.k.a. Mo or Plug, was at Lendrick between 1972 and 1978.

Maureen, used to hang around with Alison Colman and Morag Cameron. Maureen went out with Emmet for a while. She also claimed JayBee's cherry in the woods.

Now Mrs Maureen Riddick.

Maureen wrote:

Was I more maladjusted than other students because I seem to be a more permanent fixture. I was at LMS from 72 - 78 all of my secondary education was at LMS, so I have no other school to compare LMS with maybe that is why I am not so critical. Being there for such a period meant that my teachers changed quite a lot. I started off in Junior Transition which meant that H. K. Davenport taught us all subjects.


MathsBob Glaister / Jimmy Smith
EnglishHKD / Crispin Heath
HistoryCrispin Heath
GeographyMr Simmons, also a little old grey haired lady (Mrs McGlennan)
ChemistryJim Haig
PhysicsRobin Hayles
BiologyFanny Urquart
APHFanny Urquart
ArtBryan Smith
WoodworkMr Fairweather /Mr Irwin
FrenchMartin Pennock / Alaister Lawson

There were other teachers that did not teach me, but I think I have mentioned a few to keep all your brain cells going for the time being. The only one I can honestly say that I had problems with was Alaister Lawson so I did not do too badly.


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