Michael was at Lendrick between 1977 and 1980.

Michael wrote, from the faculty of economics and politics at Cambridge University, (31/05/2000):

"Hello Ian

Thanks for setting the LMS site up. It has stirred up a whole load of memories and emotions, which are churning away. I have agreed to put some of my memories down and send them to Neil Hutchison. I remember playing chess with you and also your talking about becoming an actuary - that seemed strange and unusual to me at the time. It was interesting and moving reading some of your life story on your own site. My own life since Lendrick has been a bit odd perhaps: it mainly consists to date of my having been a roman catholic monk for nine years. I am now living in Cambridge and trying to build a career in library work (exciting). I hope all is well with you.


Michael Allan"

11/02/2003 -  "I am currently working in the NHS and am getting married in May this year."

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