Mike McLean was at Lendrick 1971 - 1972.


Hi! Well, after leaving (under a number of clouds) I completed an engineering apprenticeship then immediately joined the armed forces. I would probably say that my time in the army did more to sort me out than LMS, probably because the discipline was a bit tougher. Since then I drove HGVs, was a bookmaker for a while, a civil engineer on the railways and then woke up and went to University.
My job at the moment is as Human Resources Manager (Manufacturing Europe) for a major company and I provide a HR service 18 plants across UK & Europe.
I am married to Denise and have two daughters, Jennifer (19)(about to go to Uni) & Alison (17)(year 1 A Levels)and have lived in Bristol for 22 years now.
Anyone who fancies dropping me a line please feel free...... would be good to hear from those who had such an impact on me and left me with many memories......some warm, some that will never leave and some that have left me with regrets and a bit of a conscience that plays up from time to time and when I least expect it. It would be good to say hello to anyone who remembers me and maybe have a chance to mend some bridges as well.

Best Regards.......Mike
10/04/2002 20:53:49 

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