was at Lendrick between 1960 and 1965.


After leaving school, worked for several years in Edinburgh and Kirkcaldy area. Married another ex pupil (June Purdie) in 1970, have two offspring aged 28 and 24 and one grandson aged 6. Moved to a small village outside Peterhead in 1980 when I began working with North of Scotland Hydro Electric Board. Would love to correspond with anyone who remembers either, or both of us.
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Mike wrote (2005-02-24):
Heather Gollabeck was living in London,and June Purdie is living in Aberdeenshire. There are a few other names from my time some may remember. Irene Berry, Margaret Richardson, June Whitfield, Beefy Munroe, Norman Seggie, Moira Seggie.

He wrote:

I ( Michael Riddle ) was a pupil at Naemoor/Lendrick Muir from January 1960 to December 1965, and my wife (June Purdie ) was also a pupil there from 1959 to 1964.
Since finding your site a couple of days ago we have been trying to put together some cohesive thoughts on the time we spent there. We will start off by going through the teachers, matrons and other staff we remember from those times and their nicknames as far as we can remember.
Headmasters first :-
Firstly the headmaster was Mr. Grieve ( Uggy ) and his wife (Nelly ), They were followed by the Nicholsons, who were in turn followed by Mr. Thornber who was soon the envy of every senior boy in the school when he married and brought his new bride to live in the school ( you all know to whom I'm referring ).
Now the teaching staff :-
Mr Morrice ( Papa ) taught maths, Mr. Sim ( Sammy ) taught French and took hockey, Miss Gibb taught primary, Miss Eccles taught primary after Miss Gibb left, Mrs MaGlennan ( Hairy ma ) taught geography, Mrs Wilson can't remember her subject, Miss Urquhart ( Fanny ) think she taught English, Mrs. Clark ( Molly ) taught P.E., Mr. Kerr taught woodwork and crafts, he also helped Mr. Sim and Mrs Clark with the hockey teams, Mrs. Anderson itinerant piano teacher, Mr. Haig taught science after Mr. Grieve, Maurice Bridgeland taught English, Roger Wildman can't remember his subject, Mr. Weatherhead was the youth leader, Miss Magellan was his assistant.
Matrons in the main school :-
The senior matron was Miss Watt, others were Lisbeth Muirhead Grieve ( the Grieves daughter), Miss Duff, Miss Lansdale, Miss Mansfield, Mrs Quinney, Miss Spink, Miss Morriceon .
Matrons at Craigard were Miss Bruce and Miss Brown.
Other staff we remember :-
Mr. Quiney caretaker and groundsman, Miss Middleton and Mrs Kerr worked in the office and of course Mrs. Gilchrist the cook.
My 5 years at the school were for the most part enjoyable and I have a lot of happy memories of my time there. Before I went to Naemoor I had never seen a hockey match let alone played in one, however that was soon to change as I took to the game like a duck to water and at the tender age of 12 played my first and only game for the school 2nd eleven, I only played for the 2nds once as I was then thrown in at the deep end and was put into the first eleven in the annual game against Fettes ( Edinburgh ) and there I stayed until I left school in 1965. I have a photograph of the 1st eleven from this period which I will scan and send with another letter.
I also remember the April dining room incident described by Mrs. Gilchrist but I seem to recall that due to the quantity of pupils at that time, some of us were eating in a different room and missed out on the fun of eating from " TROUGHS " as the upside down tables were named by Mr. Grieve.
Buildings :-
When I arrived at Naemoor, the school consisted of the following buildings, The Mansion House itself, which housed the dorms for all the boys and the primary aged girls, most of the classrooms, and cloakrooms, dining room, kitchen etc.
Then there was the old laundry block which housed the science lab and the maths classroom ,
The Courtyard :-
The courtyard interior where the Gymnasium , woodworking room and crafts room were housed . on the outside of one wall of the courtyard were the matrons flats where most of the matrons lived during term, one exception I remember was Miss Watt who had her own house in Powmill.
The Bungalow where Mr. & Mrs Quiney lived.
Later on the following changes occurred, the courtyard was turned int an evening recreational area ( clubs ) which consisted of The Cobbles where we had our very own rock group, a table tennis room, where darts could also be played, a quiet room where the stamp collectors etc. could meet, and a snooker room, ( thanks to one pupil who built a full size snooker table ). When Mr. Quiney retired and they moved to a house in Kinross the Bungalow was acquired for the "CLUB" and here dances were held and various other activities which I won't mention here.
One thing I do remember happening in the clubhouse,( as the bungalow became known ) were some tremendous jam sessions with Messrs. Weatherhead, Wildman and Haig. This building holds one extremely happy memory for my wife and I as it was here at a former pupils reunion dance circa 1967 that we re-met, and have been together ever since.
We live in the Peterhead area where I am an instrument/environmental technician with Scottish and Southern Energy (Scottish Hydro Electric ) based in Peterhead Power Station.
June and I celebrated our silver wedding anniversary in 1995, we have two grown up children and one grandchild.
Well I hope this of some interest to you and that you can use some of the information on your site, as I mentioned earlier I will look out any photographs we may have, and I will scan and send them to you shortly.
Wishing you all the best with the site
Mike and June Riddle.

1st eleven hockey team - 1962

Photo of hockey team

Back row: Ross Cowan, Billy Young, Ron McGill, Alastair Cromarty, Christopher Munro, David Hand, and Sammy Sim.

Front row: Mike Riddle, Leslie Carswell, David Angus, Neil Walker, and Sandy Wilson.

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