was at Lendrick in 1976.


I have lived in London since 1979. apart from 6 months in Hong Kong in 1985. I'm a chef in Central London. I plan to give up the rat race and go and live in Greece in 2003. To me Lendrick was a very positive experience, I really missed a lot of people when I left. Lendrick created normality for me
22/11/2001 17:32:42

Nigel wrote:


My name is Nigel Caven. I was at Lendrick 1975/1976. I know a lot of the  guys mentioned on the site. I have actually got in touch with Andrew Mckie, via this site, which is great. I am now a chef in Central London. If you could add my name to the list and my e mail that would be great.

Thanks for the memories"

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