was at Lendrick between 1984 and 1988.


Patrick wrote:

"The pupils I remember there with me when it closed were:

  • Angus Creech
  • Dan Travis
  • Alan Graham
  • Jason Rintoul
  • John Anderson
  • Ross Buchan
  • Ross Aitken
  • Stuart Faulds

The Staff:

I transferred to Parkview School in Dundee (now closed and Neville Storer took over as Headmaster soon before I left.

It was a long time ago and the mind is not the same as it used to be, If I remember others I'll let you know."

"From 1984, it was personal choice of religion.  You weren't forced into going to or choosing a church."

"When I came to LMS, I was dropped off by parents and left in the main hall.

Richard then drove me to Craigard (Seamab) and it was then I realised what was going on.  I met Mr. Quin, Mrs. Fraser (Jean Fraser) and Mrs. D. (Mrs. Lily Davidson). I was put in a room above the family room with Owen Anderson and Stefan Wilson. My first actual day at LMS consisted of being driven to the main school and standing in the main hall absolutely shiting myself. Then a guy came belting through the door that led to the classrooms, stood beside me and shouted " someone that's wee'er than me" that was wee Rab (can't remember his actual name).

My time at LMS was fun, ran away a few times (always caught), but loved every minute. Lots of memories, but to people who where there long before my time 1984 - 1988, it was a different place to be. Craigard shut down and we were all moved to the main school towards the end. Mr. Thornber was the headteacher for a year, then we had Mr. Mulford, and then Mr. Hayles. I will try to remember what I can, but I can't remember the school song. One of the lines was:
They say at Lendrick Muir the food is mighty fine,
you ask for treacle they give you turpentine
oh I don't want to go to Lendrick Muir, Gee I don't wanna go, please don't make me go,
I just wanna go home."


"Craigard was for the junior boys (11-13) and the girls.  Many a night in front of Top of the pops doing the girls hair"


"A pupil gets out of a school what they want to get out of it.  Perhaps in earlier years it was a horrible place to be, but shit happens.  When I was there you knew where you stood, a battering from a teacher was just a battering. In all essence, LMS was a home, it was what many regarded as a home, and the crap that went with it just happened.  Abused young people were all around, they just never spoke about what happened, in the 80's it happened, who cared?

LMS gave people a sense of who they were and what they were. To all those people who bad mouth it, I agree, but it was still the only place we knew as home, we mattered to each other, and so what if things went wrong, we still knew who and what we were.

I'm not saying that any year was different from the next, but LMS was a home to a great deal of people (myself included), a great part of history has now been lost forever and we, the former pupils, have to accept that and move on."

Patrick wrote (27/04/2003):

"Is there any point having this group? If it's not in the 60s or 70s then who knows anyone here."

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