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left Lendrick in 1962.

Peter Dallas aged 11

Peter is now known as Alastair.

"Went to Auchecairn School for about a year. I left when my mother took a job house sitting for my aunt in Edinburgh. While there I was at Duddingston School. I left when my mother became art teacher at Naemoor, now Lendrick Muir.

After 4 years with the Forestry Commission I was a self employed Timber Operative I am now doing an IT course at Dumries & Galloway College."

Peter wrote (15/05/2003):

"I am Alastair Dallas. I was at Naemoor-Lendrickmuir from 1953 to 1962. Though while there I was known as Peter.

I have been trying to think of whom the staffs were when I left."

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