, a.k.a. Buzby, was at Lendrick between 1978 and 1980.


Now living in Reading with lovely girlfriend. Working as recovery/breakdown driver.
07/04/2002 00:04:56 

Philip was a sassenach from Cumbernauld. His girlfriend is Scottish.

Phil wrote (13/05/2003):

"I was expelled for robbing the Beak's wine cellar and the school office. We got in through the maze of tunnels under the school. I can only remember one other from that little escapade: Jimmy Havelin! I will always remember him sniffing glue afterwards and then shooting me and some other kids with the air pistols that we liberated from the office I think the Beak was more pissed off at us for eating most of his freezer than anything else, plus it was about the 3rd or 4th time that we had played a visit to the cellar!"


Adrienne Postlethwaite and others

photo of Alan Goodall, Alan Dalrymple, Adrienne, Philip Stanford

Alan Goodall, Dally, Andrew McLoughlin - face is hidden behind Dally's, Adrienne Postlethwaite, and Philip Stanford.

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