, a.k.a. Bob, was at Lendrick between 1961 and 1965.

Bob's birthday is November 4th,


I now live in the USA, near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where I work for the Carnegie Science Center, part of the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh. I once thought about joining the merchant navy, became a tool and die maker instead, and now build exhibits! Along the way, I've managed to do quite a few other interesting things too ! My hobbies include woodworking ( thanks Mr Kerr ! )writing short stories and poetry, and fishing.
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Robert send this email:

"Dear Ian, Hi there, and greetings from the USA ! I am, as you also appear to be, a former pupil of the old school at Rumbling Bridge. I used to live on the Island of Arran, so know Glasgow a little bit from my passing through the city to and from school. I attended from 1961 to 1965, a mere four years its true, yet enough to leave me with many memories of my days there. I was web surfing with my wife and came across some of your entries with reference to the school, so, here I am! I remember some of my teachers well, perhaps you also had them ? Mr James Haig ( Science, and slide shows on Antarctica, his brother had been there with the British Antarctic Surveys ) Mrs McGlennan ( Geography, and an ardent supporter of the SNP ) Mrs Duff ( matron, and many other things too ) etc.. I visited the unofficial web site, and enjoyed reminiscing. I am hoping that you may be one of the FP's who work on this site, and if so, I have a lot I could share. I have been living here in the States since 1983, I work in the City of Pittsburgh for the Carnegie Science Center, which is a component of the Carnegie Institute and Museums of Pittsburgh, a legacy of another son of Scotland, Andrew Carnegie, who of course as you know was born in Dunfermline, not too many miles from where we went to school. If you would like to correspond, I would be happy to hear from you, or any others who were at the school. I can Remember quite a few of my contemporaries and would be happy to add their names to the roll, plus anything else that might be of interest. Look forward to hearing from you, best wishes, Bob Richardson"


"I was a pupil at Naemoor, later Lendrick Muir school, during 1961 and 1965. I used to live on the Island of Arran at the time of my attendance. It was with great pleasure that I happened to come across the web page for my old school, and it conjured forth many memories for me, strange how we remember the pleasant things only ! I enjoyed recalling teachers and other staff names, and have much that I'd like to share if you are interested. I emigrated from the UK in 1983,with my family ( wife and at that time two daughters) and have been here ever since, with only one brief trip back to Leicester a couple of years ago, when my Dad was ill.
     I now work in the City of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for the Carnegie Science Center as an exhibit fabricator. The Science Center is a part of the Carnegie Institute and Museums group, a legacy of Andrew Carnegie, whose birthplace in Dunfermline is not too far from the old school. I actually started my education at a little school in Saline, about 10 miles from Dunfermline, curious how life goes around in circles ! I was sad to hear that the school is no longer as it was, it served well. I will sign off for now, but will return, and keep in touch, regret that it took me this long to get here, but that is life I suppose,"


"I remember one fascinating thing about Mr Bridgeland: his gift of prophecy ! The date was 21st of November 1963. The subject of his class that day was along the lines of what might happen if a major world leader was killed while in office. I don't remember all the follow-up discussion to that idea, but do remember that, the next day, we learned that President Kennedy had been assassinated in Dallas. Needless to say 'Bridgie' took considerable ragging over the incident, along the lines that he must be a co-conspirator, and 'has MI6 been to see you yet sir?'" 


"Mrs McGlennan was a wonderful teacher, could also pinch hit in English and history if I remember right. I guess I was a somewhat scruffy kid at school, a fact which she once managed to raise a good laugh about, at my expense. How it came about was as follows..... I was taken seriously ill with appendicitis, and was eventually rushed to Bridge of Earn Hospital late at night by Mr and Miss Grieve in his Jaguar ( a beautiful car ! ). Anyway, I was duly operated on, and spent around two weeks at the hospital, which was how I know that Mary Richardson, a former pupil, was a student nurse there. On my return to the school, my first class was Mrs McGlennan's. I remember knocking on the door ( old Room 2 I think ) and being commanded to enter ! Mrs McG saw who it was, and said " Oh, its you, well, welcome back I suppose and take a seat.... you look disgustingly clean !!! " She was, if I remember, a very ardent supporter of the SNP. We used to have morning assembly, rollcall, sing a couple of hymns and then finish up with any announcements for the day. Quite often we'd be invited to choose a hymn for the day. The one that used to totally freak her out was I think Hymn 640, "..and did those feet, in ancient times walk upon England's green and pleasant land.... !! " The braver of those amongst us would frequently request it to be sung. !!!"


"Dear Ian, Hi again ! You asked me what I was called way back then, as far as I remember most of the names I'd have been called are quite unprintable !! However, most of the staff would have called me Robert or Bobby ( gawd, I haven't been called that in years !! ) Most of my pals would have called me Bobby, unless I had managed to upset one of them, in which case I'd doubtless have been called something pretty nasty !! A few names of fellow inmates from my time..... !! My three best friends were, Arthur Paterik, Bruce Sands, and Andrew Swannie. Arthur was from Gorebridge, Midlothian, Bruce came from Luton in Bedfordshire, and Andrew was from Lerwick, in the Shetland Islands. He was one of the team that won the Scottish Midlands Sixes Hockey in 1964 - 1965 season. Other names who come to mind are as follows. Leslie Carswell ( left in 1965 ) Kenneth Ryan , Michael Mutch, Hugh Yorkson, Colin Campbell, Jamie Piper ( played the chanter to pipe in the haggis on Burns Night ) Ian Smart, Michael Riddle, Moray Turner ( his birthday was on November 3rd, one day before mine ) Ross Munro ( think that maybe one or two of Ross's brothers may also have been at Naemoor, as private pupils ? ) Robin Brown ( Edinburgh ) Stuart Cruikshank ( Aberdeen ) Marcus Lurie. Christine Henderson, Sandra Craig, Ann Swirles ( left in 1962 ) Heather Golabek ( Edinburgh ) Susan Mitchell, and Mary Richardson ( no relation as far as I know, was a student nurse at Bridge of Earn Hospital 1963 - 1964 ) Two others that I also remember because of a shared interest, were Krystyna Zaremba and David Merideth, we were all good at art !!

  Some of the teachers.......and staff........ Mr Morrice, Taught mathematics, and doled out the pocket money once a week from the fortress just over from the dining hall. I think he retired in 1964,used to live at Pirnmill? Mr Kerr, (married to Mrs Isobell Kerr ) He taught woodworking in the workshop down at the old stables. Mr Weatherby. Mrs Calvert Wilson, An American lady if I remember right, and I think she taught in what used to be the library, at the end of the long corridor. Matrons were Miss Grieve (adopted daughter of Mr and Mrs Grieve), Miss Margaret Brown, Mrs Quiney ( she used to live at the gate cottage ) and Miss Mansfield ( Didn't last too long, too sexy !! Shame !! )

I guess this should give you something to add to the History of the school. Maybe next time I write I tell you just what a pain in the butt I must have really been !! Best wishes for now, Bob Richardson


Robert Richardson - Brodick, Arran (aged about 12)

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